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Low Flying Yacht Service

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SeaHorse Air Limited is a joint venture between Flowcopter (Edinburgh – UK) and Evdron (Singapore). SeaHorse Air Limited is developing its own craft, Seahorse H5 as a low flying yacht to run a micro-airline type service of a "low flying yacht" to ferry up to 5 people along coasts & islands.


The intended operational service height of SH5 will be within 15m above sea level and will cover distances over water (only) between coasts and island destinations about 5 times faster than public ferries (6 hours by ferry vs. 72 minutes by SH5), at prices competitive with upper end of ferry fares, and cheaper than taxis fares along coastal roads.

SeaHorse H5

SH5 design unveiled at the ADW

Tuesday 16 April 2024

In the world of VTOLs, SH5 is a disruptor that creates a "type" segment of its own and offers possibilities like never before, especially to coastal and island economies. Overview of SH5: 1- It is powered by 'Digital Displacement Hydraulic Transmission Technology' patented by and it’s been in development/testing for years, with controlled flights that lasted more than 1 hour, with a payload. 2- The hydraulic system is currently being powered by an aviation grade IC engine that can use ethanol for 'Net Zero' emission targets. The IC engine can easily be replaced by a hydrogen fuel system or even an electric motor, but that would make sense to do only when the power density of the battery improves drastically. 3- The current Flowcopter ecosystem is a single hydraulic pump that powers 4 rotors, and therefore operating as a 'Quad-copter'. The SH5 will use 2 such ecosystems running parallel and therefore there would be 8 rotors in the configuration of an 'OctaQuad-copter' (4 positions of rotors, and in each position one is up and one is below it, like a coaxial rotor system). 4- This double propulsion ecosystem provides a dual redundancy since each of the systems is running at less than 50% power. So if one set fails, the other set that powers 4 rotors can take over at full capacity and continue flying the craft to safety. The intended operational altitude is also deliberately kept over water and capped at 15 meter height, so that incase of an emergency, one can land on water within seconds. 5- SH5 can fly for 3 hours non-stop. With the estimated cruise speed of 80 km/h and max speed of 120 km/h, the max range would be 360km for a single flight. 6- The MTOW would be 1250 kgs with the estimated payload capacity of 450-650 kgs. This payload capacity enables SH5 to carry 1 captain and 4 passengers with their luggage. 7- SH5 will be an "Amphibious' craft capable of landing and taking off from water or land/deck. There are many eVTOLs that claim operability on water but Salt in sea water would be an enemy of electric motors, however, for hydraulic motors there is no issue caused by salt, sand or even mud slung on the motor. 8- The 'Rotor Cluster Tilt' system in the ensures passenger comfort. One of the struggles for wingless multicopters has been that the cabin would need to tilt forward or backwards during take-off/hover (for example in ) or during forward movement at high speeds (for example in ). With the Rotor Cluster Tilting system, the passenger cabin remains horizontal, no matter what the angle of the motors is required for efficient thrust vectoring. 9- The SH5 would have fit in the established segment of 'Wingless Multicopter' but because of the partial thrust vectoring of ALL 8 rotors as one integral unit, it creates a new segment in this domain that would be called MultiCopter with Tiltable Rotor Cluster for Partial Thrust Vectoring where all the thrusters for lift can all be angled as one integrated unit for efficient thrust vectoring for lift or cruise. This doesn't necessarily need a wing but will be more efficient with a wing and in the SH5 the structure that holds the rotors (rotor cluster) is designed as a wing as well.

Seahorse Air Limited

3.3, Edgefield Industrial Estate, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH20 9TB United Kingdom

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